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    Vendor Management, Compliance Management,

    tampa managed services managed security managed pen testing about image Whether you need Managed Services, Managed Security or Managed Website Pen Testing for compliance or because you or your vendor requires it for security the experts at TCDMise are here for your every Managed Security need.

    tampa managed services managed security vendor management about imageVendor Management & Managed Services. Clients & Vendors often send a list of Security Requirements, monitoring & regular audits that must be followed. Many of these include monitoring requirements, lengthy complex questions that must be answered to show that not only does your site meet the requirements but you are being active in the protection of your website.
    tampa managed services managed security managed compliance about image Compliance Management & Managed Services Computer Doctors can handle any Managed Compliance need including Managed PCI compliance, Managed Hipaa Compliance, Managed FISMA Compliance & many more Managed NIST Compliance Categories. Learn more about our Compliance offers here.
    tampa managed services managed security managed network pen testing about image Managed Network Pen Testing & Managed Services For those who host their own website will need Managed Services for their Managed Website Pen Testing & Managed Network Pen Testing preventing your website from being compromised through your network. Also, for when big box cloud hosting security is not enough and you want it done right.
    tampa managed services managed security managed IDS Managed Intrustion Detection Systems about image Penetration Monitoring & Managed Services Pen testing is only as good at the monitoring done with it. Hackers will monitor your network for as long as necessary until a weakness is found. We monitor it and stop those weaknesses before their are exploited.
    tampa managed services managed security managed Government Compliance about image Government Compliance & Managed Services Anyone that works with the Government or as a government vendor is now required to have Regulatory compliance to meet the Governments Compliance Requirements. TCDMise have extensive experience with the NIST polices required & offer Managed FISMA Compliance, Managed Chief Compliance Officer, Managed Risk Management. Managed Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform & Managed Consumer Protection Act.
    tampa managed services managed security managed breach management about image Breach Management & Managed Services No Security system is full proof. Breaches will happen. TCDMise Managed Security plan can Accelerate Breach Recovery, mitigate damage & provide containment while collecting the necessary logs & documentation how to correct that breach from happening again. Remember, the more valuable your data is the more attention a hacker or group of hackers may give your network. Even full time Managed IDS or Managed Intrusion Detection Systems may not stop an attack.

    IT Managed Service Experts Pen Testing Services

    Some services indicated below require Managed Services Monitoring plan. Tampa it managed services managed email services TCD Managed IT Services Experts will email you the results of a Pen test, intrusion detection or other important information.
    Tampa it managed services managed tech support, it support Tech support when you need it. Our Managed Services Tech Support experts will answer your questions and be available to offer IT Support when needed.
    Tampa it managed services managed tech support, security Nothing stops a business than a security breach. Making sure your website is secure is our top priority with our Managed Website Pen Testing Service. Sleep easy knowing your data and customers data is secure.
    Tampa it managed services managed backup solutions, cloud backup Tampa Computer Doctors Managed IT Services Experts not only provide Managed Services & Website Pen Testing to secure your website but also check your backups and redundancy systems are secure.
    Tampa it managed services manged cloud solutions TCDMise provide pen testing for both locally hosted Web Sites & Cloud Hosted Web sites. Just because you are using a big box Cloud Hosting platform does not mean your settings are secure, your coding is secure or even that they are properly securing your data & information.
    Tampa it managed services manged network solutionsTCDMise Managed Services provide both Network Pen Testing & Website Pen Testing. Whether you are using a shared cloud hosting or a locally hosted web server the network needs to be secured as well.
    Tampa it managed services manged disaster recovery planning & solutions TCDMise provide Disaster Recovery services, making sure that you have a readily available copy of your servers & website is important. It is also important that your Managed Disaster Recovery plans are full proof & secure. Our Managed Pen Testing Service can also run a mock Managed Disaster Recovery to look for holes or Security issues with your Managed Services plan. Most Managed Compliance & Managed Vendor require that a Disaster Recovery plan be tested regularly.
    Tampa it managed services manged printer solutions Networked Printers need to be secure as well, you ask how can a printer expose your website? if your locally hosted or hosted using a shared cloud server & have a printer linked in a hacker could use ports, snmp ports or other security breaches to take advantage of an often overlooked security risk. Home & Small Business printers simply do not have the necessary features & Enterprise Printers should always be used for Networking & Security Reason.
    Tampa it managed services managed web development TCDMise not only provide Managed Services for securing your website but for developing your web presence as well. Web Managed Services include SEO or Search Engine Optimization, SEM or Search Engine Management, Web Development, Website Development, Brand Development & Total Web Presence.
    Tampa it managed services managed seo development TCDMise provide thorough reporting showing what is being done & what needs improvement. Depending on your Managed Services plan we also provide Managed Vendor Compliance & Managed Compliance Reporting aka filling out the questionnaires required by vendors & Compliance showing that you are compliant.

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